Oct 15

Refresh Your Creativity with Amanda Giacomini

Being creative gives us joy. It lightens our mood and brings fresh energy to our lives. It is one of the most fulfilling and soul satisfying ways to spend our precious time. Yet, many of us think of our creativity as a luxury, something we can think about after all the other chores and responsibilities are taken care of.

This weekend is designed to support you in creating space to rekindle your own unique creative spark so that you can experience that joyful energy. 

Looking to the yoga tradition for guidance, we will be using our practice to open up the body and mind to invite in our muses. We will nourish our senses with beauty, good food, and good company.  We will stimulate our minds with wisdom teachings and mythic stories, and then gently and playfully practice our own creative visioning, writing, drawing and coloring.

By the end of the weekend you will be feeling refreshed in body, mind, and spirit!

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Dec 2

Dream Yoga Retreat in Panama

Nov. 25- Dec. 2, 2017 Join us for a very special retreat at the magical Sansara Yoga and Surf Resort in Panama.

I visited there recently to paint a 10,000 Buddhas mural in their yoga shala and fell in love. Now I can't wait to return and bring you and MC YOGI with me!

We will begin our journey with a night in historic Panama City and then make our way to the resort for 6 nights of gratitude, good food, good vibes and good yoga. This is the smallest retreat we have done (limited to 25 people) so please contact Sansara if you are interested email retreats@sansararesort.com


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10:00 am10:00

Bindu Studio - West Palm Beach, FL

Yoga, Art and Happiness - an evening with 10,000 Buddhas

Come celebrate bringing the Ten Thousand Buddha project to West Palm Beach. View the new mural on Bindu's outside wall and join street artist Amanda Giacomini aka 10,000 Buddhas for an inspired evening as she shares her journey as an artist and yogi and offers advice on how we can all live a more creative and joy filled life. Includes stories and teachings from the Yoga and Buddhist traditions. Amanda will have art prints and shirts for sale after the talk.

Sign up here: http://www.bindu-studio.com/art-happiness-with-10000-buddhas/

Wanderlust Oahu
Feb 28

Wanderlust Oahu

Join MC YOGI and AMANDA GIACOMINI for a series of workshops as part of the Wanderlust Festival in Turtle Bay Oahu. For info and tickets click here

Workshop at Yoga Studio Tahoe
1:30 pm13:30

Workshop at Yoga Studio Tahoe

How did you fall in love with yoga, and what keeps you coming back to your practice? Join MC YOGI and Amanda Giacomini as they share some of their favorite postures, stories & teachings that keep them feeling inspired. Be prepared for a medium intensity flow practice designed to spark your enthusiasm, uplift your mood and reignite your love of yoga. 

Sign up at Yoga Studio Tahoe

1:30 pm13:30

ONLY LOVE Tour Calgary

Sunday, November 15th: Calgary at Hotel Arts. Full Day Experience.

Join Amanda Giacomini, MC YOGI, DJ DREZ for an amazing experience of Yoga, Music, Connection and Celebration. 

For info and tickets visit. www.itstimetobloom.com


6:30 pm18:30

ONLY LOVE Tour Banff

Saturday, November 14th: BANFF, AB at the Banff Cave & Basin. 

For info and Tickets go to

Join Amanda Giacomini, MC YOGI and DJ DREZ for an amazing evening of Yoga, Music, Connection and Celebration.


1:00 pm13:00

Only Love Experience

Join MC YOGI, DJ DREZ, Amanda Giacomini and Marti Nikko for a special 3 hour experience

of yoga, stories, mantra, meditation, and dance party.